This may come as a shock as our blog is all about being anon on the internet, which we have already said it’s impossible to be fully anon online, and while we like browsers like Brave, Librewolf, and vanilla Firefox there are some reasons you should use Microsoft Edge as well even though many see it as “spyware.” Allow me to explain.

Microsoft owns Edge. Microsoft also owns Windows. If you are using Windows then you are already being spied on by Microsoft. There’s no setting or app or anything that can stop them. Every update you get will turn those settings back on. It will be an uphill battle. So Microsoft is already spying on you no matter what.

Microsoft makes Edge which is basically Google Chrome with a Microsoft paintjob. It reports to Microsoft instead of Google. I think you can see where this is going. To keep this article brief I will summarize this entire concept in one sentence.

Would you rather have ONLY Microsoft spying on your or would you rather have Google, Brave Foundation, Mozilla, Open Source organizations, or even the Chinese (see Opera) as well?

By using another browser, made by a company that is not Microsoft you are inviting those companies namely Mozilla, Brave, Canonical, or the Chinese government to spy on you ONTOP of Microsoft. You now have two spies instead of one.

Another issue is the browsers are made for to be safe and secure. Do YOU trust that the community is anal enough to check every single line of the open source code so that it doesn’t include it’s own trackers, keyloggers, or something that could steal your data under your nose. Companies lie to people and so do open source organizations.

Microsoft may be spying on your browsing data but they are not out there to steal your credit card, bank account login or social security number. I’m not saying LibreWolf & Brave would do that but can you really trust a bunch of random coders with no shareholders or anyone to answer to with your personal information? I trust Microsoft more than I do Mozilla, Google, or The Open Source community.

Pick your poison… but I think sticking with one piece of spyware is better than multiple unsecure ones to avoid being spied on.

By MrAnon

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